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SwipeMi.com - A new Era of Touch!

Gesture and Haptic Technology Combined to Produce a New User Experience.

Combining Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI Technologies

End Users Given Choice of How to Interact: Touch, Gesture, or Voice.

News About Haptic Technology

MAPATAR.com - A plan for the Future.

SwipeMi - An Innovative Brand Name for Gesture Technology

SwipeMi.com could be marketed as a new communication system that integrates haptic and gesture technology. Touch screens would give relevant, tactile feedback to users and also be mounted with cameras and sensors in order to capture a user’s gestures. It would offer an alternative to typing or even speaking all directions. Gesture technology could provide quick and instinctive shortcuts for a variety of commands. Users could then decide the easiest method for them to accomplish a specific task; touch, gesture, or dictation. The system would be made possible by the emergence of the following technologies: deep learning, machine learning, and AI. Instead of representing a system or platform, SwipeMi could instead be used to stand for this new merged method of interacting with technology.